The staff of secondary is classified into following faculties:

  1. Language Faculty
  2. Mathematics and Science Faculty
  3. Social Studies Faculty
  4. Defence Study and NCC Faculty
  5. Computer Faculty
The Language faculty organizes Prose & poetry recitations, handwriting competitions for talented students and also provides remedies for improvement in handwriting & correct usage of grammar in languages. Pledge, Preamble of Indian Constitution, Importance of the day, Daily News are read in assembly for updating current events among the students.

The Mathematics faculty diagnoses the weaker areas through tests and design self instructional material for students.

The Science & Social studies Faculties open the doors of curiosity for students by taking them to Metrological department in Pune, IUCAA in Pune University, exhibitions & to take active part in various projects.

Members of each faculty organize Quiz competitions for students in assembly hall with the view of relating the subject to the experiences in everyday life.
The students appear for the following Competitive Exams to achieve excellence:

  • Maharashtra Talent Search Exam for Std. VIII & IX.
  • Pradnya Shodh Exam (Maths) for Std. V & VIII.
  • State Scholarship Exam for Std.IV & VII.
  • RashtraBhasha Exam for Std. V to VIII.
  • Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) for Std. VII & VIII.
  • (Age between 12 &13yrs). This school is the only center in Maharashtra for RIMC exam conducted by the government.

S.S.P.M.S is one of the very few institutions where defence study is taught from STD VIII to STD X. This subject gives the basic knowledge about the Indian Armed Forces, the ways & means by which cadets can join the Indian Armed Forces. The cadets are also taught about the composition & the structure of the Indian Armed Forces.



Computers are playing an increasingly important role in education for the students as well as the teachers. Their use enables each student to progress at his own pace thus making the whole learning process more flexible. The primary advantages of computers are the amount of information that is occurs via wide range of data basis. Today’s children are immensely interested and fascinated by Computers and idolize it leaders like Bill Gates –Microsoft founder and Narayan Murthy- Founder of Infosys.

In order to train the students in this fast changing IT field, SSPMS School has a well equipped state of the computer laboratory. All the machines have the latest software and operating systems installed.

The computer subject related to curriculum taught in the classes is highly advanced, with subject knowledge on the latest software.