• Field Trips & Excursions:
    School field trip is an effective educational activity for students that facilitate fast and efficient learning method . This is a wonderful opportunity for students to take a break from the class room lecture and to have some fun and excitement in an entirely new environment while learning at the same time.
    In first term, One day field trips are organized at the different places such as Neelkantheshwar , Sajjangad / Kaspathar , Nighoj ( Potholes ) , Ozar / Shivaneri , Karla Bhaja caves / Hadshi , Balaji / Narayanpur/ Jejuri , Shivtharghal /Mahad.


  • School Camp :
    School Camp is an important part of school activity. We have conducted camp at Mahabaleshwar, Nashik , Aurangabad under the guidance of Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer of AISSMS and the Principal and Staff.
    Adventurous activities such as Rappelling, River Valley Crossing , Rock Climbing and Trek are the most important events of the camp. NCC Cadets of Army, Navy and Air Wing enjoy it and learn a lesson of Disaster Management. We organize the different variety entertainment programmes like magic show , jungle cooking , short film, tribal dance in the evening.
    Such camp gives a chance to learn and understand nature. It helps to develop quality of adjustment, to face adventurous problems confidently and to nurture a quality of co-operation.