The school has a big dining hall with capacity for 500 students where all the meals i.e. Bed Tea, breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner are served. The food served is vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The meals are served by clean and well dressed waiters & supervisors. Nutritious food under a well defined menu is served considering the growing age of the children. The meals are supervised by Principal and House Masters on Duty. The two major meals i.e. lunch and dinner start with prayer by all students. They are also guided in correct table manners and good eating habits by the staff.



MON Tea & Biscuits Eggs Fry, Bread, Milk, Banana, Sabudana Khichdi Rice, Dal, Chapati, Vegetable- Vatana/ Mixed Usal, Salad – Kakadi Tea Pohe (K) Rice, Dal, Chapati, Vegetable-Potato, Pickle
TUE Tea & Biscuits Eggs Omelet, Bread, Milk, Banana, Shira Rice, Dal Chapati, Vegetable-Bhendi, Veg. Kofta, Bundi Rayata, Salad-Tomato & Onion, Mula Tea, Bread Pakoda Rice, Dal, Chapati, Vegetable-Dhobali Mrichi, Walpapdi, Gajar, Chicken Masala, Dudhi Halwa,Gajar Halwa
WED Tea & Biscuits Eggs, Chatani, Bread, Milk, Banana, Pohe(K) Rice, Dal Chapati, Vegetable-Stew, Coconut Chatani, Dodaka Loki Rayata Tea, Chanadal, Shev, Masurdal, Bhel Rice, Dal Chapati, Vegetable-Tondli, Ghewada, Chicken Masala, Bakar Wadi, Kachori
THU Tea & Biscuits Eggs Fry, Bread, Milk, Banana, Porridge Rice, Dal Chapati, Vegetable-Matki, Rajma Tea & Biscuits Idli Sambar, Wada Sambar Rice, Dal, Puri, Vegetable-Potato, Gulab Jamun, Jilebee, Pickle
FRI Tea & Biscuits Eggs Fry, Bread, Milk, Bananas, Upma Rice, Dal Chapati, Vegetable-Veg.Manchurian, Dodala, Fruit, Fruit Custard Tea, Pohe (D), Pohe Plane, Chiwada Rice, Dal Chapati, Vegetable- Gawar, Kobi, Chicken Masala, Sabudana Wada, Shankar Pali
SAT Tea & Biscuits Eggs Omelet, Bread, Milk, Banana, Sabudana Khichidi Masala Rice, Veg. Pulav, Dal, Chapati, Vegetable-Kabuli Chana, Chawali, Banana Shikaran, Papad Tea & Biscuits Rice, Dal Chapati, Vegetable-Palak, Methi, Egg Bhurji, Khari Puri, Dhokala & Chatani
SUN Tea & Biscuits Eggs Fry, Bread, Coffee, Banana, Porridge Rice, Dal, Puri, Vegetable-Potato, Chicken Masala, Shai Tukda, Chirote Tea & Biscuits Rice, Dal Chapati, Vegetable-Flower, Dodaka, Chatani-Khobra


The kitchen is automated with proper ventilation facility and with proper safety measures. Special care is taken regarding the hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen.