Prospectus along with admission form will be available in the school office from 15th January.

Admission Policy:-

  • The admission process is non-discriminatory, rational and transparent.
  • Admission process is open for class V for the academic year. Admission to the class from VI to IX will depend on the vacancies in respective class.
  • Admission is granted to Class V,VI,VII,VIII, and IX for which applicant should be 10+,11+,12+,13+,14+ years of age respective on 1st June of the year.

Admission Steps:-

  1. Parents or guardians are requested to visit the school with prior appointment. They will be free to check the facilities provided by the school to the students and ask queries if any. They will collect the prospectus from the school office which costs Rs.400.
  2. Students who wish to join our school, the first step is to fill the admission form and medical form with utmost accuracy. Online form filling facility is also available on Home page of website.
  3. Next step is to complete registration process in the school office with the requisite non-refundable fee of Rs.500. The Xerox of the following documents are to be submitted along with admission and medical forms.
    • Leaving Certificate/ Transfer Certificate/ Birth Certificate
    • Report card of previous class
    • Aadhar Card.
    • Certificates of Awards.
    • 2 Passport size photographs.
    • Consolidated Result.
  4. Parents may please note that registration of name by submitting prescribed application does not confirm the admission.
  5. The selected students are invited in the school for the interactive session. These students must be accompanied by their parents. The Student is encouraged to interact freely to judge his mental ability, physical ability, basic communication and comprehension skills. There will be no written test.
  6. The parents of the selected students have to pay the fees to confirm the admission. They must submit the school leaving certificate from the previous school within 15 days after the confirmation of admission. All new admission will be conditional till the school leaving certificate from the previous school is submitted.
  7. A student will be admitted to the standard to which he is eligible according to his school leaving certificate.
  8. It is necessary to appoint local guardian (in Pune or Mumbai) in case of an overseas students for the purpose.
  9. Taking charge of the boy during holiday in long sickness or in an emergency.
    B. Acknowledging the school circulars and bills.
  10. Admission to the class XI of HSC is as per rules of Deputy Director of Education, Pune.




  • The Parent / Guardian has to make a written application to the Principal, if withdrawal of his son/ward is desired.
  • The academic year of the school begins in the month of June but arrangement for boarding are to be completed in the month of April. The withdrawals application should be given by the Parents / Guardian a month before the academic year commence in the month of April every year.
  • The Parent / Guardian who cancels the admission of his newly admitted son/ward prior to a period of eight days before the commencement of the first term will be charged one sixth of the first term excluding the caution money deposited and rest will be refunded.
  • Issue of school leaving certificate will take 4 to 5 days from date of application.
  • The filling of the application form to appear the S.S.C examination will be deemed equivalent to having given a notice that the students will leave the school after sitting for the examination.
  • A student has to leave the school if he
    • Remains absent for a long time.
    • Physically unfit to fulfill the strenuous routine of the school.
    • No co-operation from home in the matter of payment of fees and maintaining discipline.
  • The Principal may expel a student from the school, temporarily or permanently if the student is disobedient or his presence is considered harmful to other pupils of the school.