The significance of the words “Preparatory Military” in the name of the school could be realized by looking at the Guard of Honour & March Past performed by our NCC cadets on National Days & Annual Day.

The School’s NCC consists of the three wings Army, Navy & Airforce with 50 cadets in each wing.

The Army troop with rifles in their arms is under the Guidance of ANO , Second  Officer K.D.More. He is Selected for the Best NCC officer of 3rd Mah.Armd Sqn. NCC Unit Pune.

The Third Officer B.S Shinde is looking after The Air wing.

The Third Officer R.I Shinde is looking after The Naval wing.

The cadets attend NDA tatoo show, passing out parade & lectures by officers in action to get acquainted with Indian Military Forces.

Our cadets take every opportunity to participate in various competitions held by NCC units.

Adventurous Activities – under Disaster Management Ncc Students did activities such as Rapling , Rock Climbing , River Valley Crossing , Pratapgad Trek & Cross Country at Mahabaleshwar.


                                                                  Appointments of NCC Cadets

National Security is important to ensure smooth economic progress, indepence and integrity for every soverign nation”. The president as the constitutional head of the nation is the commander-in-chief of the Defence forces.The Army, The Navy & The Air force. Besides this three services, the security system comprises one more arm-“Second line of defence”. It includes Provincial Army, Border Security Force, Costal guard and National Cadet Corps (NCC). National Cadet Corps was established in India in a year 1948, to motivate youth and to introduce Defence. It gives equal opportunity to boys and girls of school and colleges to participate within and to prove their calibure and to receive training. Appointments of NCC Cadets are as follow:

Army Troop:
A]Cadet Sergeant Major:- Controls the troop & passes the orders  received.
B]Sergeant-I: – Responsible for controlling his platoon.
C]Sergeant-II: – Assists Sergeant-I.
D]Corporal: – Responsible for his controlling his section.
E]Lance corporal: – Assists corporal in his duties.

Best Cadet award Winner Master
Mayur Dhumal


Air Troop:

A) Sergeant-I: – Responsible for controlling his platoon.
B) Sergeant-II: – Assists sergeant in his work.
C) Corporal: – Responsible for controlling his section.


Naval Troop:

A) Petty officer: – Responsible to control his platoon.
B) Leading officer: – Assists Petty officer and commands control.
“To provide leadership in the field of defence services and in every sphere of life” is one of the aims of NCC. Appointments too, give them an opportunity to develop the leadership and to understand the responsibility, which they have to discharge.