Field trips give a chance to visit Historical Places to understand its history, geography, economics, politics, traditions & customs:

This year students visited the different places:

New Boys Trip – Neelkantheshwar

Std. V A & B – Sajjangad/Kaspathar

Std.VI A & B – Nighoj (Potholes)

Std.VII A& B – Ozar / Shivaneri

Std. VIII A& B – Karla Bhaja caves/ Hadsi

Std. IX A& B – Balaji/Narayanpur/Jejuri

Std. X A & B – Shivtharghal/Mahad


School Camp at Mahabaleshwar:

School camp is an important part of school activity. This year we conducted camp at Mahabaleshwar from 4th Feb to 8th Feb 2014 under the guidance of Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer of AISSMS and the Principal, NCC Officers and Staff.

Overall 413 students and staff participated in it. Adventurous activities such as Rappelling, River valley crossing, Rock climbing and Pratapgad trek were conducted. NCC Cadets of Army, Navy and Air Wing enjoyed it and learned a lesson of disaster management. We visited points like Old Mahabaleshwar, Needle Point, Kates, Venna Lake, Polo Ground, Sunset Point, etc. Students from Primary to Secondary enjoyed cross country.  School camp was ended with variety entertainment programmes such as Magic show, DJ, Inter-House Drama, Dance competitions and camp fire.

Such camp gives a chance to learn nature and understand it to develop quality of adjustment, to face adventurous problems confidently and to nurture a quality of co-operation.