• An application (on the prescribed form, attached to this Prospectus which costs Rs.400/-, per copy is to be made by the Parent / Guardian to the Principal, accompanied by a non refundable registration fee of Rs. 500/-, the candidate’s Birth Certificate, and the Health Form (also attached here). Also the progress report of last two examinations taken by students in his previous School should be attached where applicable. The best course is to get a boy’s name registered for admission well in advance, as their is always a long waiting list. The academic year normally begins on 15th June and ends of 30th April.
  • Admission is granted irrespective of any consideration of caste; creed or community boys of age 9+are admitted to std. V of 10+ to VI and 11+ to VII. Boys of age 4+ and below 5 years are admitted in the hostel in STD 1st class of the Primary Boarding School, provided they can live by themselves away from home. Few boys are also admitted to classes 1 to IV depending on availability of seats and satisfying the age limit.
  • Boys are admitted only at beginning of the academic year i.e. before 1st June. However, if there is a vacancy, an exception may be made in the case of son of an employee of the Union of state Government with transferable service.
  • The School Leaving Certificate from the previous school should be obtained only after selection for admission has been confirmed in writing. However, admission will be granted only after submission of the School Leaving Certificate from the previous school. If a boy has not attended any school previously, he will be placed (Subjected to the confirmation by the Education officer) in the standard for which he is found fit after test and the interview.
  • Parents may please note that registration of name by submitting the prescribed application does not grant of admission.
  • A boy will be admitted to the standard to which he is eligible according to his school – Leaving certificate.


  • The Parent/Guardian has to make a written application to the Principal, if withdrawal of his son/ward is desired.
  • To withdraw from the beginning of an academic year the notice to that effect should be given by the Parent/Guardian, a month before the academic year commences. .i.e. in April of each year. A Parent/Guardian not fulfilling this condition will be required to pay a month’s fees notice fees. A month’s fees in this case will be calculated by dividing total fees for the first Term by Six.
  • The Parent/Guardian who applies for withdrawal of his son/ward for the Second Term will be required to pay the full Second Term fees.
  • A Parent/Guardian who cancels the admission of his newly admitted son/ward prior to a period of eight days before the commences of the first Term will be charged one sixth of the fees for the first term excluding the Caution money deposited and the rest will be refunded.
  • Issue of School Leaving Certificate will be take about 4 to 5 days from the date of application.
  • The filling in of the application form to appear for the S.S.C. examination will be deemed equivalent, to having given a notice that the boy will leave the school after sitting for the examinations.
  • If a students
    (a) remains ill for a long time or is physically unfit to fulfill the strenuous routine of the school.
    (b) gets married or
    (c) fails twice in the same class
    He will have to leave the school.
  • A student may be sent out of the school by the Principal, temporarily or permanently, if it is found that his attendance is irregular, his work is persistently careless, or if co-operation from home in the matter of payment of fees or maintaining of discipline is lacking, or if the students is disobedient, unwilling to adjust himself to the pattern of the school life or if his presence is considered harmful to other pupils of the School.
  • Admission to class XI of H.S.C. as per govt. rules (centralize).